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No, you’re not imagining things. Forget the large upfront investment of thousands of dollars (although you’ll still get that value). Hunni Media can help you start modestly and affordably by spreading the costs out over 2 years INTEREST FREE!

We guarantee you’ll love it! Get a website that you can make unlimited additions to, with FREE TRAINING on how to DIY, and a professionally designed and hosted website with the potential for unlimited future upgrades. The important thing is to start.

It’s estimated more than 50% of people now searching for and looking at websites like yours from a smart phone. You will love that your new website will automatically redesign itself every time it’s loaded to suit the size of screen it’s viewed on with advanced technology called “responsive layout”. There’ll be less clicking and WAITING for pages to load if you choose a single page design as well.

We will help you register your domain, and every step of the way we’ll make it simple and straightforward. Stop missing out on sales you’re competitors are happily servicing instead. Contact us now and mention the “29 per week” deal!

Our other popular packages are listed below…

Website design & development for small and medium business

It’s not enough to just look great & be up to date with all the latest technology & design trends, your website has to engage your audience in order to work for you night and day.

Website design & development for community, not for profit, and charity organisations and groups

If you represent or run a charity, not-for-profit or other community organisation, you need a developer & project manager who has long term experience in supporting your sector.

Website design & development for tradesman, sole trader, and new or home office

Look professional and be found online without breaking your budget or getting in over your head. This is the perfect place to start and will allow for the growth that you’re planning for.

Website design & development for ministry, missionary, Christian, and church organisations and groups

Website development perfectly matched for your ministry, whether you’re a church looking for a fresh web presence or a missionary needing easy communication with supporters.

Hunni Media & Technology, website design & development, hosting, mobile apps, social media, videos, graphic design, computer sales and support, small business, new business, sole traders, not for profits, charities, churches, ministriesWeb Design & Development

Would you know if your website design wasn’t working as well as it could?

Do you have enough time to be an expert in the constantly changing web design & digital media industry?

Website design and internet marketing trends are always changing to suit the rapid growth in technology and customer preferences. What worked a few years ago doesn’t necessarily work any more. What didn’t before might now.

Whether your website is for an established business, a new/small business, or a charity or church, you’ll “catch more flies” with Hunni Media…

Choose an option which best describes your website purpose below.

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What is your reason for having a website?

A website must achieve a specific purpose within your businessA website must achieve a specific purpose within your business.

  • Because nearly everyone else has one, and it says a lot if I’m the only one who doesn’t.
  • To provide the information that is asked for repeatedly, or to answer common questions.
  • So that when people are looking for my type of business, they find me instead of a competitor.
  • To increase the number of enquiries my business gets.
  • To increase how much each customer spends with my business.
  • To help build awareness of my business brand and reputation.
  • To help consolidate business when times are good, and build it when they’re slow.
  • Because there is so much about a website that can automate and simplify business administration & communication, reducing my unprofitable tasks, increasing my free time.

Once you know you’re reason, you’ll be able to know when your website works. Hunni will help you plan and produce a website that plays a critical role in your business strategy and brand growth.

It’s good for small business to buy from each other, so choose Hunni for web design Logan Qld.


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