Using Your Website And Social Media To Attract Business

blank book photoFar too many companies invest significant money in initial website design and then neglect to update their sites with regular content. This is a mistake and a waste of money. Spending money on website design and then leaving the website static is like designing an attractive cover for a book and then failing to write anything.

A website used for online marketing must do two things. First, it has to rank sufficiently high in search engine results when potential customers or partners are looking for your category of businesses. Second, it has to contain content that demonstrates that you are an expert in your field. To achieve either of these goals, a website must be regularly updated with fresh content.

Content Is King

With respect to search engine ranking, long gone are the days where you can achieve high search engine rankings high simply by stuffing your website with relevant keywords and creating backlinks. Every major search engine takes into account how often a website adds relevant content. If you are not updating your site with content on at least a weekly basis, your ranking will likely fall over time.

With respect to presenting yourself as an expert in your field, your website must contain substance as well as an attractive design. Regular and well written blog entries demonstrating your knowledge and expertise are the best form of online marketing to both other businesses and consumers.

Use Social Media To Bolster Your Main Website

It is also important to supplement a website with regularly updated social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These sites all have an inherently high ranking in search engines, and some people actually use Facebook and similar sites as their starting point to learn about companies. Furthermore, these pages can link to your main website and further boost traffic and search engine results.

Consider the following when you are developing your website’s online marketing strategy:

  • Are you prepared to spend the time necessary to regularly update the site or should you subscribe to a service that will provide content for you?
  • Who is your target audience? Are your marketing efforts directed towards customers, other professionals who will refer business to you, or both?
  • Which social media pages will you use? How will you link them back to your main website?

Considering these questions is the first step in developing your business’s online presence. Speaking with experts in the field can help you get the answers you need and put you on track towards becoming the online leader in your field.¬†Hunni.Media can regularly write original, quality content for your website and publish it on your behalf not only to your blog, but also to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google +¬†engaging your market in an ongoing conversation and¬†establishing you as an expert in your industry.


Photo by DonkeyHotey