Social Media Is Word Of Mouth On Steroids

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Have you ever considered the difference between networking and relationship building? Don’t get me wrong, networking is useful, and so are billboards and TV ad’s.

But ask any small business owner their number one source of new business and most of the time the answer will be…

…word of mouth.

That’s because most of us are more likely to go to a mechanic recommended by a friend than to a mechanic we’ve met once and taken a business card from, let alone one we’ve only seen an ad’ for.

Why? Because money flows through relationships. We generally trust our friends’ experience because of our relationship with them.

Social media gives business owners a chance to build and nurture relationships with people they’ve never met, and to proactively tap into the friends of the people you’re already serving.

As such, we can’t afford to ignore the organic and leveraged opportunities social media afford.

I’m hosting an affordable and brief business seminar with lunch this Remembrance Day (11 Nov’), and if you’d like to learn a little (or a lot) more about how you can better use social media, I’d love you to invest the time to come along. It’ll be great to catch up over lunch, but more than that, I’m certain this will be a huge benefit to your business.

Please invite a team member or colleague as well who would also benefit from understanding how to get business growth from social media.

If you’ve already RSVP’d - thanks! No need to again, and hopefully you’ll be able to stay tuned for some more bite-sized insights adding value to your internet marketing.

Prabin Gautam digital marketing

Would you like to know how to actually make money from social media in your business?

Australia’s Digital Entrepreneur, Prabin Gautam, will be a guest speaker at this interactive workshop designed to help small business explore the question of how to generate quality leads and actually make money from social media.

You’ll learn about choosing the right strategy, implementation, and management.

Develop new business relationships (so bring plenty of business cards) and enjoy a great lunch while learning from one of Australia’s digital entrepreneurs.

Grab your tickets now at, and I’ll see you for a 12:30 lunch on Remembrance Day (11 Nov’).

Feedback from recent events:

“It was a great workshop… In a short amount of time I became clear on how to get started… and where to focus my attention… It was wonderful to do the practical in the session, so rather than just talk about it, I walked out already doing it!”
Tricia and Claudine –

“We enjoyed a fabulous session. Thank you so much for this workshop. We loved your hands on and practical approach. We were very impressed and can’t wait to our next workshop with you. So excited!”
Valerie De Silva –

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