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Managed hosting has gained popularity over the past few years. Having a professional manage and host your web site lets you focus on your business and leave the technical heavy lifting to the experts. Some consultants are just advisors, some hosting providers just provide servers, but managed hosting provides the best of both. With managed hosting, you no longer have to worry about the most important yet invisible factors to your site’s success: security, scalability, speed, and proactive service.

Every website needs to be stored somewhere specialised to be accessible on the internet. All Hunni sites are hosted here in Australia, or multiple locations around the world closest to your customers - so in turn your website visitors will have the quickest possible loading speeds.

13087072764_95ff6674dc_b_business-ladyHunni Hosting is more than just digital real estate - the simple space other companies will sell you. We simply refuse to unnecessarily risk something this important let down the good work you’ve invested in! Subsequently, all Hunni sites are hosted by Hunni. The benefit to you is when you need someone to call, there’s no guessing who’ll be able to help.  Just contact us!

Your business deserves its own domain name to use for your email addresses, let alone your website!  Your stationery looks better with your brand, instead of a telco or webmail brand on your business card!

There is now a very large collection of alternatives to the plain old “.com” option. We’ve even secured Hunni.Media! Cool, huh? Is yours available yet?  Search for available domain (website) names now…


What Is Website Hosting?

Good question!

Think about it like your mobile phone. Someone needs to build it, give you a phone number, and charge you for the space you use on their infrastructure (telephone exchanges, lines & towers): or there’s nothing to connect through even after you own your handset.

It’s just like that with websites. After your site is built (like a phone), someone has to register your domain name (premium number) and facilitate your website’s connection to the world with hardware that’s always available (monthly phone network connection plan).


Terms & Conditions

1. Prices quoted are quarterly, in advance. Pay-by-the-month options are available for direct debit arrangements only.

2. Services not in credit are automatically suspended.

If you need some flexibility with your account, please just proactively talk to us. We try to be very accommodating!

3. “Unlimited storage and traffic” is subject to a “fair go” policy.

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