Business Digital Real Estate

How much digital marketing real estate does your business own?

Real estate is often thought of as a physical location. In business, physical location can be everything. However, digital real estate has become just as (if not more) important than physical real estate. Just like physical real estate, digital real estate helps customers, and search engines, find your business as well as provides access to your products and services.

What is digital real estate?

Digital real estate is your online presence made up of all of your business’s digital marketing efforts. The larger your web presence across multiple web properties, the more digital real estate your business owns. To increase your digital marketing real estate consider the following types of tactics:
  • business marketing website
  • social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.
  • online videos
  • industry blogs and forums
  • online press releases
  • digital images
  • etc.

Improving digital real estate location

It can be very cumbersome to improve your business’s physical location. However, it is much easier to improve the location of your digital real estate. With a little search engine optimization (SEO) work, it is possible to improve how your digital marketing efforts rank on the search engines. Essentially, this improves the location of your digital real estate. Small improvements made in the following areas to greatly increase your rank and the success of your business marketing efforts.

Website Design

Your website design should allow the search engine to freely crawl all pages relevant to the general public. This could be product or service pages, information about the company, and especially your homepage. Some business marketing technology platforms, such as WordPress, already have these capabilities built in.

Social Media

Having a robust social media presence by participating on multiple platforms increases the amount of digital real estate your business owns. However, it is essential to use excellent copy writing which includes carefully selected keywords in each post to improve the relevance and rank. While relevant keywords should be used in all copy writing, content should always be created with the reader (your customer) in mind.