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Hunni Media is unashamedly a Christian-owned and biblically operated business. With a conviction that seeking His Kingdom first is the best paradigm for life and business, we want to help facilitate your ministry in His Kingdom as much as possible.

Our offer is a website worth $990, for up to 90% off. We trust you to be honest about what you can afford, and choose your own discount. You can have your website for as little as only $99 in development fees!

  • Simple starter website
  • Responsive design =
    Smart phone & tablet friendly
  • World’s most popular platform
  • Search engine friendly
  • Clean & uncluttered layout
  • Contact & enquiry form
  • Social media connectivity

Your next step is to contact us and get a ballpark quote on your unique project.

Our Ministry Package is offers church websites designed to be flexible to suit your unique budget, and at the same time be reserved for those who appreciate that a worker is worthy of his wages (1 Tim 5:18). When you choose Hunni Media as your internet marketing supplier, you are also partnering with our ministry, enabling us to minister in the marketplace as well as vocational ministry like yourself. This is our tent-making business (Acts 18:3)!

The model you can expect for church websites is the same as our Sole Trader Package. Only the price flexibility is different. We consider it seed sown in faith into good soil! If you’d prefer to pay full price, we offer sole traders and new businesses payment terms to spread their investment over one or two years which may also suit your budget.

So what does a thousand dollar website get you? Good question. More details below…


Hunni Media recently constructed a new website for our ministry and we are very happy with the result.

David was “the expert” in the team, but he was also very keen to ensure that the website and design was in line with what we wanted. He was easy to work with, prompt in his communications and trustworthy in all his dealing with us.

David has a genuine heart for ministry and evangelism, and we have no hesitation in recommending him for similar projects in the future.

Tony & Patsy Cameneti

Senior Pastors, Cameneti Ministries


This church websites development package gives you professional installation, design and customisation, and up to 10 pages to start with, with unlimited DIY additions (full online, one on one tuition provided by remote login). We’re much more interested in helping you be self-sufficient than charging you for ongoing minor changes, but are happy to help any way you prefer. You’ll also get a ministry Facebook page and Twitter account, but don’t worry - they’ll be connected to your website, and will automatically post any updates to your blog (news). We’re here to make it easy! Ongoing, periodic development is how we can infinitely expand your website as your needs and budget expands.

If you’re a church, ministry or missionary, you need a website to better engage your members and supporters, and Hunni Media is the expert you need who can actually share and get excited by your vision. Call us today for a no obligation consultation and as many helpful strategies and tips as you have time for!



The only commitment (no contracts) we ask you to make is to Hunni’s sweet ongoing hosting services, ideal for church websites, direct debited at $45 per month (or $150 invoiced quarterly in advance). This value-added service gets you more than just digital real estate. It gets you:

  • complimentary, automatic domain registration renewal
  • proactive, periodical updates to your WordPress platform as well as the installed plugins, with compatibility testing & conflict resolution
  • we’ll even backup your website in case you or someone on your team gets too enthusiastic and breaks something important, or you get hacked (more common than you’d expect).

For less than $1.50 per day after development, you will have a one-stop shop of service and support, giving you peace of mind that your website is one less thing you need to worry about.


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