Choosing Design Elements for Your Website

How to Stand Out from the Crowd with Professional Design
The internet is full of websites and variations of website design. How does your digital marketing strategy and use of design elements stand out from the crowd of other services in your industry? Here are a few things to look at.

  • Avoid the generic look by using professional stock images to create a personal and emotional connection to your text.
  • Use easy-to-read fonts that are scalable for the look and atmosphere you want on any size device from laptops to mobile phones. Responsive text and images will display without your website visitor scrolling sideways.
  • Landing pages are your first contact with guests so communicate your company’s goal or mission clearly. This is so important that you may want to design all your pages as though they were a landing page (a lot of work). This way, no matter where your customer starts, they get key information.
  • Colour scheme, or palette, in web design is very important. Make it professional and consistent with your existing company colours used in brochures and in the logo.
  • Social media sites increase your chances of being seen and increase your business marketing presence. Link your social media sites to your website using icons instead of plain text links.
  • Just as important as text, images, and colour, is the space in between. White space between paragraphs gives your guest some time to breathe and digest content.

Digital marketing is heavily reliant on knowing some basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) rules using sitemaps, meta data, keywords, phrases and tags. Learning about how your website design can make you more visible to the search engine or browser you are using is crucial. Getting the best results also requires testing different designs for the site using analytics to provide feedback on what works and what doesn’t. Many people don’t have the time to learn, let alone implement, these basics so; thankfully, we have professionals that can do it for us. Optimising your site for effective business marketing is an ongoing process and a reason for selecting the right web designer and SEO professional today. Start building the value of your unique brand.