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Extraction Artisan Coffee

Extraction Artisan Coffee is at 7/3375 Pacific Highway, Slacks Creek.

Grandma's Kiwi Kitchen, Waterford West

Grandma's Kiwi Kitchen, Springwood

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We're doing some market research and product testing for a new service, and need some volunteers to get theirs FREE.

We're capturing family history with senior citizens as they share their memories and life stories with us on video.

We adore people and everyone has a unique story. The wisdom and love of our ancestors can and should be captured for future generations.

If you'd like your parent's or grandparent's story to be captured for you and your future generations, please comment below.

If you're chosen, you'll get a high quality video including professional editing and production totally free. This is a limited offer and some conditions apply.
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2 weeks ago

Bert Janie Mol, Csaba Szilveszter and 2 others like this

Esther McKernDamien What about your dad?

2 weeks ago

Vonny MullinsSo interesting, i know at least 2 ppl who would be amazing and one is an Indig elder

2 weeks ago   ·  1

Jasminjade Kennedy DeitaJo Kennedy dad could do this

2 weeks ago   ·  1

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By cooperating with such silliness you're as good as asking if gullible was *really* taken out of the dictionary, and probably playing right into the hands of the 14 year bored kid who started it in Kalachm, Sverdlovsk, Russia, 7 years ago.

He's now got a real job and also getting annoyed at work by the prank that refuses to just die already.
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3 weeks ago

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When you lose your phone, it can be truly expensive to replace and the amount of very private information we keep on there these days can send chills down your spine thinking of who may be reviewing it, selling it.

But check this out.

Google have a free service that can find your phone. It found mine within about 50 metres accuracy. Not helpful if you left it under a cushion, but huge if you're not even sure which suburb it's made its way to.

Then, you can make your phone ring at full volume for 5 minutes. Now that IS helpful if you left it under a cushion. Even if you left your phone on silent.

You can also lock your phone with new passwords and send a message to whomever may be looking at it and let them ring a new number you send them.

In the worst case scenario that you're not going to get your hardware back, you can even command your phone to erase itself and all your valuable, private info.

Your phone will need to be turned on and able to access the internet for this to work.
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2 months ago

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